Win Win Attitude

Would you like an attorney that has a win, win attitude? Lori Haskell treated our case like a true professional with a never say die mindset. She knows how to get settlements and what s needed to represent her clients in their best interest for the best results. She was tenacious with our case and had an answer for every argument presented by opposing counsel. Lori got the maximum settlement amount in our law suit involving an automobile accident. This didn t happen overnight, but she was able to proceed and get this amount because of her drive and desire to not accept a lower amount when she knew we deserved the maximum settlement.

We could not have been in better hands, she doesn t accept no for an answer and we were very fortunate to have her on our side. She was referred to us by one of her previous clients that referred to her as a tiger in the courtroom and that s exactly what we wanted and got with her representation.

We can t thank her enough and you will not find better representation to obtain the settlement you should get.

The Thorson s