Lori Haskell has spent her legal career fighting for justice on behalf of injured people and against corporate wrongdoing. She battles major insurance companies and always represents the individual. Ms. Haskell specializes in auto accident cases and other personal injury matters. In addition, she represents employees who have been wrongfully terminated or discriminated against in the workplace. She is proud to be a trial attorney and is at home in the courtroom.

Throughout her career Lori Haskell has represented people who have suffered a wide array of injuries in car accidents and has particular expertise in brain injuries, whiplash, chronic pain syndromes and traumatic fibromyalgia. Ms. Haskell represents people injured due to the existence of dangerous conditions on public and private premises. She also fights for victims of discrimination, having represented clients against employers in cases based on race and gender discrimination, failure to accommodate disabilites, union activity, as well as age discrimination and HIV AIDS.

Ms. Haskell will always strive to resolve a case expeditiously and with the least amount of stress for her client. She acts as the buffer between you and the wrongdoer. And she will never waver from her mission which is to protect your rights. If you have been injured, the insurance company has a trained professional on its side. You need one too.

The Law Offices of Lori S. Haskell are conveniently located in north Seattle, just minutes from downtown. Ms. Haskell takes most cases on a contingent fee basis so you don’t pay until the case is resolved in your favor. Call now for your personal consultation.