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What do you do when you ve been wronged?
Are you injured and stressed, fighting with an insurance company or being used and abused by an arrogant employer? I act as a legal buffer to relieve a lot of that stress. And when you hire me you get me. You are rarely speaking with a paralegal or staff. You deserve and you will receive legal advice and services directly from me. Rarely will you talk with an intermediary and only when I m in court advocating on behalf of another client. Depending upon the underlying cause driving your legal action you have two to three years to start a legal action. Typically getting legal counsel on board early avoids unforeseen pitfalls and aids in moving your claim forward expeditiously.

They are a great way to resolve a case. However, any attorney who highlights how many cases they settle is omitting one huge distinction. If a lawyer does not take cases to trial, legal opponents have no incentive to offer you top dollar settlements. At the Law Offices of Lori Haskell we don t fold. Only when a case has been completely prepared as if it will go to trial do we open settlement negotiations. If I am not able to get you what you deserve then and only then do we move to the trial stage. I always make a good faith effort to settle every case. You have informed consent and are kept apprised of every move throughout negotiations which proceed only with your full knowledge. Preparing the case effectively obtains the best settlement offers.

Who do you want fighting for you?
This is really how you choose a lawyer. You want an attorney with enough finesse and class to try and settle your case. Who has the character and reputation to make the other side think seriously about the risks of a potential trial. Your advocate must have the ability and skills to be persuasive in front of the judge and go to trial if necessary. I was mentored by a Supreme Court Justice and trained by the best. I have spent my legal career in the trenches advocating for people just like you. I haven t always been a lawyer and have not lost sight of the questions and concerns I would have standing in your shoes.

What Is Best For You?
These days insurance companies and corporate interests think they hold all the cards. Settlement negotiations can become a take it or leave it proposition. You are the client and the ultimate decision is yours. You need someone with your best interests in mind, someone who is proactive, who ultimately seeks the optimum outcome for you knowing the impact on your life and the needs of your family. Someone you can trust, who combines legal skills and a keen awareness of your particular needs. I consider myself a counselor at law and will take the time to listen and understand your unique situation and advocate for your best interests.

You Need to Feel Comfortable And Ease Your Stress.
Come in and meet with me. Tell me about what has happened and why you need a lawyer. Talking out your options can lead to insight that results in regaining your peace of mind. Together we ll sit down and figure out the best way to move forward.