Car Accident

Lori was my attorney for a difficult case. While stopped at a red light a commercial truck drove into my Honda. In addition to back/muscle pain I had a closed head injury. Despite 5 inches of medical records the insurance carrier for the truck refused to pay even the medical bills! Lori was so professional in a five day trial. She had excellent exhibits and charts. She explained a closed head injury to the jury in a simple way and then backed it up with a sophisticated explaination by a neurologist. She was great with the jury.

She kept me calm. We won a six figure verdict from the jury. I will forever have gratitude to Lori as my warrior and advocate. You would be fortunate to have her as your attorney.

Ann Paris

Win Win Attitude

Would you like an attorney that has a win, win attitude? Lori Haskell treated our case like a true professional with a never say die mindset. She knows how to get settlements and what s needed to represent her clients in their best interest for the best results. She was tenacious with our case and had an answer for every argument presented by opposing counsel. Lori got the maximum settlement amount in our law suit involving an automobile accident. This didn t happen overnight, but she was able to proceed and get this amount because of her drive and desire to not accept a lower amount when she knew we deserved the maximum settlement.

We could not have been in better hands, she doesn t accept no for an answer and we were very fortunate to have her on our side. She was referred to us by one of her previous clients that referred to her as a tiger in the courtroom and that s exactly what we wanted and got with her representation.

We can t thank her enough and you will not find better representation to obtain the settlement you should get.

The Thorson s

Employment Discrimination

When I hired Lori I went in to her office and took a chance. All I can say is that she believed in me and my case when no one else would. She took on a major corporation and fought tooth and nail in every brief or motion they threw at us. I know that she spent many nights with no sleep, working on my case. She believed in me and what I was fighting for.

My case was an employment discrimination case. She made sure that I knew what was going on every step of the way. Lori prepared me for everything from testifying to experiencing the emotional highs and lows of court. In her closing statement, she told me that she wanted to make me proud. She did. Her closing statement left me speechless; I could tell she spent hours on it. I am proud that I had her as my lawyer.

If you want someone to believe in you and your case, then Lori is it. Lori, will fight for you and your rights never giving up no matter how long of a fight it is. My case went on for over two years and then went to trial. We won, proving my rights had been violated. Lori, also has a personal touch, she got to know my family and friends. She got to know me and I knew she cared not only about my case but me as well. If you want a great lawyer, who will back you up and care about you then Lori is it. I feel honored to write this, for her.