Anticipate and Influence Juror Reactions to Successful Women

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Could The iPad Pick Your Next Jury?

Few electronic devices have inspired the levels of techno-lust witnessed with Apple’s iPad tablet. Selling nearly three and a half million of the devices in just the first quarter after its launch, the Apple iPad has also inspired a wave of applications (“apps”) seeking to take advantage of the iPad’s unique features. You may well be in that “let’s wait and see” group that wants to know that the benefits go beyond its sleek and sexy look and feel. As an active litigator or trial consultant, the news that there is actually a jury selection app garnering media attention1 might just be enough to push you over the edge to the point of saying, “I need this….for, you know, my work!” But does iJuror live up to its promise to replace the paper grid and Post-it note? Based on my review, and some comparable experience with PC-based applications, the answer is ‘not yet.’ While the app has some noteworthy features, in the realistic conditions of oral voir dire, the app’s functionality is not yet up to its potential. [read full article]