Do I have to pay for a consultation?
No, all consultations are free of charge.

What is a contingent fee ?
That term means that you don t have to pay an hourly rate out-of-pocket to your attorney. Rather, the attorney is paid by receiving a percentage of what you receive as compensation. Typically that percentage is one third of the settlement. The contingent fee is the regular person s key to the courthouse.

Do you work on contingent fee?
Yes. My standard rate is one-third of whatever you receive in a settlement although it can vary if we take your case to trial. You don t have to pay for my services until you get your money.

How much is my case worth?
That is something no one can answer until they sit down and talk with you, and in the case of personal injuries, review your medical records and bills. Each case, like each individual, is unique and how the events surrounding your legal incident affected you will be different for every client. If someone says they can value your case before meeting with you and reviewing documentation, they likely aren t taking all facets of your damages into account.

Is my claim worth pursuing?
If you have been wronged, the law allows you to seek redress. Most countries in the world do not have such a system. Unlike an attorney who is paid an hourly rate no matter what happens in the case, as a contingent fee attorney I can only pursue worthwhile claims and will be forthright after I have enough facts to provide you an evaluation.

How long will it take to resolve my case?
That depends on a number of factors. If you have a personal injury case it s to your advantage to see how well your injuries resolve and the amount of your medical bills. If we can settle the case without actually filing a lawsuit things move much more rapidly. However, if initially you are not offered a fair settlement it makes sense to file the case. Just because a lawsuit has been filed doesn t mean the parties still can t reach a settlement. When a lawsuit is filed the court sets a trial date and oftentimes having that date can speed settlement negotiations.

I don t want to go to trial, so can my case be settled?
I make a good faith effort to settle every case. Ultimately you are the one who decides if the settlement offer is fair and you want to accept it rather than go to trial.

Will we need to meet frequently as my case proceeds?
Only if you want to. We have an initial meeting and after that much of our interaction can be accomplished over the telephone or by e-mail although there are some instances where meeting in person again can be helpful to both of us. It really depends on your comfort level.

I ve never had a legal case before and it s intimidating. Will it be like it is on TV?
Take heart. Most of my clients have never had a legal case before and they come through it just fine. The drama factor is much lower in real life than what you see on TV.

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